Lennert Berx


Mox is an ongoing photographic project attempting to research the contemporary community that was built around the Chernobyl disaster. Why do we as humans condemn ourseves to live in a constant vicious circle of interacion between destruction through evolution and evolution through destruction? The Chernobyl exclusion is a perfect example of a closed cycle of this vicious circle and, thus, a perfect place to research this phenomenon of constant human neglect.

As a result of human evolution and arrogance, an out of proportion nuclear disaster took place in 1986. Strangely enough, people have never seem to have left this place. A place that is known to have caused severe health complications and in many cases even a painful death correlated to a prolonged stay. Why are people attracted to this zone? How and why did a community and an ever so popular tourist attraction build itself up around this place?

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