Lennert Berx


In ‘Onkruid’, I documented how people with frustrations towards society (including myself) found mental and physical refuge in a place everybody with the right mindset could call home: An anarchistic squatted building. We felt free, liberated from society and it’s false ideas of freedom. We placed ourselves on the edge of society, living in our own bubble whilst gazing at people who were unaware of what we were experiencing. To do this, we had tot let go of things. Things that we had when we were participating in society, but that kept us from being completely free. Because the more you own, the lesser freedom you will have.

What made us feel like we did there? I searched for the little, subtle details that distinguished ourselves and the building from any other person or building in the street. Little details that showed how we think and how we felt. Little details that became small symbols of our freedom. A personal visual diary of the emotions I experienced.

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