Lennert Berx


In 'Onkruid', I examined the relationship between a squatted building in Hasselt (Belgium) and my everlasting search for freedom and inner peace. Driven by frustrations towards society and my own position in it, I started looking for an alternative way of thinking and living in 2020. Both the squat and the associated anarchist subculture played an important role in this story as they functioned as a personal escape from society.

How do these people live? How do they react against our increasingly busy and demanding society? How do I find inner peace and freedom in the Squat? How do I avoid the well-known photographic clichés of squatters and anarchists? By bringing out both my own voice and that of the people involved, a harmony arises between the different layers that the work explores.

‘Onkruid’ offers a refreshing view on squatting and anarchism in the post-modern era and shows how I as a photographer rediscovered my own identity, peace and freedom in this subculture.

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